Here are a few reasons to hire me…

  • I will help you move more freely and train better, and help with back and shoulder pain
  • Tap in to my extensive body of knowledge and understanding
  • Do the right things and do them properly – don’t waste your precious time
  • Get a detailed joint by joint assessment and exercises to improve posture
  • Follow a scientific approach to training
  • Work a periodised programme that ensures continued progress
  • Increase confidence and personal growth
  • Benefit from proven methods that have produced results for thousands before
  • Use multiple training modalities to keep it interesting
  • Be accountable, and receive support, motivation and encouragement
  • Get an individualised programme designed specifically for you
  • Receive honest and objective trainer feedback
  • Corrective exercise programme to improve movement and help pain
  • Become educated – I explain the purpose of everything we do.

Components Of Fitness

We will work on some or all of these as a part of your programme (more really good reasons to hire me…)

Corrective Exercise, Flexibility & Mobility

Defined as the range of motion around a joint. Flexibility is different to Mobility: mobility can be best described as ‘controlled flexibility’ and is of higher value in daily life. Passive flexibility is where a joint is pushed or pulled through a range of motion by an external force, whereas mobility is where movement is controlled by the muscle group affecting that joint. Poor mobility can lead to loss of power, injury and lower quality of life. Movement impairment is uncovered and dealt with through corrective exercises to improve posture and mobility. In itself, a great reason to hire me!

Cardiorespiratory Fitness

Cardiorespiratory fitness (CF) is defined as the health and function of the heart, lungs, and circulatory system. CF is the ability of the body to sustain prolonged activity and work effectively in intense activity. Activities such as running, walking, biking, rowing or swimming sustained over a duration of time and higher intensity work will enhance CF endurance and efficiency.

Muscular Fitness

Muscular fitness has 2 sub-components: Muscular Strength is characterized by the maximal force muscle(s) can generate, i.e. a 1 rep max (1RM), and Muscular Endurance is the ability to perform repeated muscular effort and prolong fatigue. There is a strength/endurance continuum that we manipulate through training variables such as intensity, sets, reps and rest period.

Body Composition

Body Composition relates to the ratio between the amount of lean tissue (bone, muscle, organs) and body fat that a person carries on his or her body. Weight is not the concern: two individuals may be the same weight but their relative body composition will mean they look and move very differently. High percentages of body fat have been linked to metabolic disease, low energy, and compromised emotional health. Appearance-wise; no judgement here, I’m only concerned with how you look if you are.

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Assessment: £65/hr
Corrective Exercise: £65 per hour
Personal Training: £60 per hour
Mobile sessions: £60 + travel time
Block pricing: 12 PT sessions £600, 12 Corrective Exercise sessions £650
Fitness for Golf 1-2-1: individual quote based on number of contact sessions required.
Fitness for Golf classes: COMING SOON!

*OFFER: 3 sessions per week for £135*

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