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Corrective Exercise is a research-based, 4-stage protocol of exercises to improve posture and movement. Unbalanced posture or faulty movement patterns put strain on muscles and joints. Movement may be difficult or painful, athletic or training performance may become impaired or you may just feel generally stiff or achy. Previous injuries or ailments or just something like sitting all day can mean the human movement system isn’t working optimally. The body compensates and develops faulty movement patterns that begin to manifest as back, hip, shoulder, neck or knee pain, and can lead to premature degeneration and a lack of mobility.

Corrective exercise restores balance. My starting point is not to put you straight into an exercise programme without fully assessing how you stand and how you move. I will uncover all movement impairments, joint by joint, and develop a corrective exercise programme to address muscle imbalances. All further exercise selection and programming is informed by the results of the assessment. There are no quick fixes or magical exercises to reset you overnight, the 4-stage process can take a lot of dedication, focus, and time.

The benefit of corrective exercise and the resulting improved mobility is easier, pain-free movement, more strength, control and power. Training improves and daily life becomes groan and pain free!

I work with golfers, runners, fitness fanatics, athletes and people who play sports, and ordinary people who have pain or movement issues.

I’m based in the London Borough of Bromley working in and around the Chislehurst / Beckenham / South London / Croydon areas.

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Assessment: £65/hr
Corrective Exercise: £65 per hour
Personal Training: £60 per hour
Mobile sessions: £60 + travel time
Block pricing: 12 PT sessions £600, 12 Corrective Exercise sessions £650
Fitness for Golf 1-2-1: individual quote based on number of contact sessions required.
Fitness for Golf classes: COMING SOON!

*OFFER: 3 sessions per week for £135*

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